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CricKidz is  a play and physical literacy programme that needs no knowledge of cricket by parents or carers as so many of the skills are transferable to a variety of sports and physical activities. The aim is to accelerate the physical development of your youngster through playful, fun activities. We try to make it so they do not even know they are learning!

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Batting in cricket involves various physical and mental skills. A successful cricket batter, or batsman, defends the wicket by hitting the ball.

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“Catches win matches” as the old saying goes so improving hand eye coordination for catching is very important.

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Learning a proper cricket bowling technique can be difficult for beginners so it’s important to start slowly, get the technique right and then worry about the accuracy of the bowl later.



Fielding refers to the act of catching, collecting and returning a ball that has been hit by the batsman.

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This franchise opportunity offers you the chance to build a financially rewarding business and contribute the physical development of pre-school children in your locality.

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